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The Art of Data Visualization

A PBS Documentary


PBS featured yesterday a short documentary called “The Art of Data Visualization”, featuring Edward Tufte, one of the pioneers in this discipline. Discover how man uses data visualization in order to process information in a simplified, visual way.

Enter the world of data visualization

In it’s Off Book series, PBS offers a lot of short film regarding animation, design and web; but it is the first time infographics and data visualizations are featured in an episode. While the success of infographics in social media may be a reason to this development, it is essential to understand the common denominator of information design: visualizing data.
This very informative short film is a great introduction to data visualization and a great reminder of its core principles (even for professionals). Hopefully, this will eventually help raise the awareness towards data visualization and information design.

“Every single pixel should testify directly to content” – E.Tufte


The Art of Data Visualization retraces how data visualization started as far as 6000 years ago from the first maps carved in stone all the way to the evolution of the current Google Maps era.
Our brains are made to process these visual patterns which are essential to quickly process large amounts of information. The design itself has the ability to resonate with one’s emotions, allowing the mind to absorb the information as it would with a piece of art.

You can find the documentary below: