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Ways of Doing PR Overseas: How to Appeal Your Products to Overseas?


Look for specific media that match your product through the Internet, and approach the staff who is working there.

While television is having a great impact on the public in Japan, in overseas markets, especially in those of US and in Asia, the situation is a far cry from here.

The influential power of mass media is minimum for customers whose age ranges from 10 to 30. In contrast, smartphone-based media and web media are becoming more influential.

A research has found that most ranging-from-10-to-30-year-old Americans obtained the news of 2016 presidential election through “social media”, while others aged 30 or above got the information from “cable TV”.

The smartphone-centered web media, as well as other social media are expected to raise their influence all over the world.

Thus, inevitably we must approach both web and social media if we target the overseas market.

It is important to reach journalists and writers who are working for media through sending press releases, and to approach the influencers.

Although it is quite essential to have a friendly tie with people working for a media company, in the meantime it is also difficult to do so.

It is not only hard to acquaint yourselves with them, it is also difficult to get the contact info of overseas journalists and writers.

One of the ways to approach them is to search the name of the media through LinkedIn.

To communicate with local people in their language is equally indispensable.

Before sending your press release, it is important to conduct research on the relevant media which may match your product, as well as the industry you are engaging in.

Then you send your press release to the targeted media.

Videos and images can transcend words.

Try to create some videos and to take some pictures and send the content, which raises the chance of being picked up by the media.

It is easier to arrest the attention of journalists and writers with something eccentric, eye-catching and interesting.

Likewise, something that is unique in Japan, and something that can hardly be found in other nations will be more eye-catching, and will raise more easily the attention to the people.


—Ways of Doing PR Overseas: How to Appeal Your Products to Overseas?

About the author:


Takashi Murakami (CEO)

Takashi is the Founder and CEO of Kartz Media Works, which he started when he was working as TV Director for various news programs in Japan. Author of multiple best-selling books in the business field, he is a born early adopter and entrepreneur. Interests range from Marketing, Tech, Startups and Cinema.