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One client in the Travel Industry reached out to us to attract more core users to its service. We came with the idea of creating a Web media to feed with appealing content for all travel lovers in Japan, as there was originally no consumer-oriented travel media in Japan at the time.

While there is no branding on the media itself, visitors are retargeted to go on the client’s service page through remarketing. We manage the platform and oversee all the content creation using our writer’s network - currently more than 15 writers are contributing content for TABIZINE, from all over the world.


~人生に旅心を~ (Add travel to you life)

TABIZINE is the contraction of Tabi (Travel) and Magazine ー we wanted to provide a way for Japanese users, often limited to travel just a few times a year, to take a peak at the world and discover new places, restaurants, customs through appealing articles and rich visual content.